Ottawa’s All-Vegan Feline Café Gets Permit to Finish Renovations!

A cat café is finally coming to Ottawa! Josée Cyr has finalized plans to open Ottawa’s first cat café in Hintonburg.

Josée Cyr recently announced that the City of Ottawa has approved the building permit for the Feline Café, Ottawa’s first cat café, to be located at 1076 Wellington Street West in Hintonburg. In a message to her Kickstarter supporters she says: “It’s a very important piece of paper. It took a ton of work and negotiations with the city, but we finally got permission to go ahead with our proposed plan!”.

For Josée, there were many considerations that went into making her business fit within her personal ethics. She plans to serve Fair Trade sugar and hot chocolate and an entirely vegan menu; an easy choice as she’s been vegan for four years now. The Feline Café will also be sourcing as locally as possible because for Josée, “ethical consumerism is more than just about food”.

Josée has always been an animal lover, but was never allowed to have pets when she was younger so she was very excited to start rescuing cats when she moved out. She has partnered with the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue to provide six to eight adoptable cats at a time in the café. This is a core part of the social mission of the café, to help get Ottawa stray cats off the streets and into loving homes.

An up-cycled dresser being renovated as a coffee warming station.

The person behind the interior designs and up-cycling furniture of the Feline Café is Heather Jeffery of Re4M. Josée has been working very closely with Heather in order to sustainably create a cozy atmosphere for the café. So far they have managed to use entirely recycled materials for the service counter and some of their furniture.

Renovations in the Feline Café have been slowed by strict health and safety laws prohibiting food from being served in a room with cats. Josée has been working closely with the City of Ottawa in order to be granted building permits. In order to work within current laws, the café will have a separation wall with large windows between where food is purchased and the cat room.

The Feline Café is still scheduled to open in April despite these setbacks. It will be featuring baked goods from some of the most popular vegan bakeries and restaurants in Ottawa. including Little Jo Berry’s, Strawberry Blonde, and Grow Your Roots to have alongside their drink offerings. Josée also plans to have a menu of vegan sandwiches and sides.

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